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torx T-Handle Screwdriver Set (8PCS) Wokin Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China

3.750 KD

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Top quality Torx head screwdrivers have Soft grip handle with dual components gives added comfort and reduces pressure points in the hand.
To use as a T-shaped wrench, you'll need a long blade. High-torque transfer is possible. The lengthy blade allows for precise torque application and easy access to screws that require depth.
The short 90 ° angle blade is intended for high torque or working in areas with low height.
Hanging hole built into the design.
> Material: CrV
> Bi-colour comfortable grip

This set includes the following sizes- 
T-10 x75mm, T-15 x75mm, T-20 x100mm, T-25 x100mm, T-30 x150mm, T-40 x150mm, T-45 x200mm, T-50 x200mm

Best quality torx T-Handle Screwdriver set under Wokin Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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