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Hacksaw frame Wokin Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in Chiina

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The majority of hacksaws are handsaws with a C-shaped walking frame that keeps a blade taut. Such hacksaws contain pins for attaching a narrow disposable blade to the handle, which is commonly a pistol grip. The frames might also be adjusted to accommodate different blade diameters.
A hacksaw is a metal-framed saw that is usually used to cut plastic and metal pipes, as well as other tiny household items. Between its spigots (clips) and a plastic or wood handle on one end, the U-shaped bow frame supports a thin, wide blade.
> Square lacquered steel tube bow frame
> With aluminium handle
> Including 1pc saw blade

Size - 300mm , 12"

Best quality Hacksaw frame under Wokin Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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