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Rotary Hammer Drill 800 W Harden Brand- BAS Kuwait

Made in China

17.500 KD

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أفضل جودة مطرقة دوارة في الكويت
A rotary hammer is a power tool that can drill and chisel hard materials as well as do other heavy-duty tasks. It works similarly to a hammer drill in that it spins while pounding the drill bit in and out. Rotary hammers, on the other hand, employ a piston mechanism rather than a particular clutch. This allows them to deliver a considerably stronger hammer stroke, allowing them to drill much larger holes much faster.

Rotary Hammer Drill - 

*FCC approved
*Rated power: 800W                     
*No-load Speed: 1180rpm
*Impact rate:0-4600rpm                            
*Impact energy: 3J                                                                                                            

*Max in wood:30mm   
*Max in concrete: 26mm                         
*Max in steel:13mm                                                                                                          

*SDS plus chuck system

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