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Router Machine 580 W Harden Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China

11.000 KD

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ماكينة تشذيب خشب كهربائية بأفضل جودة في الكويت
The router is a power tool that has a flat base and a spinning blade that extends beyond it. An electric motor or a pneumatic motor can power the spindle. It hollows out (routs) an area in a hard material like wood or plastic. Routers are most commonly used in woodworking, particularly cabinetry. They can be carried around or attached to router tables. The router is considered by some woodworkers to be one of the most useful power tools.

Electric Trimmer /  Router Machine
*CE approved
*Rated power:580W 

*No-load Speed:33000rpm  
*Collet Chuck Diameter:6.35mm       
*Accessories contain:
1pc guide wheel
1pc Small iron
1pc Aluminum guide
1pc wheel frame
1pc Horizontal guide 
1pc rail
1pc linear guideway
1pc dust cover
1pc 17 wrench
1pc 10 wrench  

Best quality Router Machine / electric trimmer under Harden Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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