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Cordless Drill 20 V with 2 Batteries Harden Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China (6 months warranty)

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أفضل مثقاب لاسلكي في الكويت
Power drills are electrical instruments that serve two primary functions. To begin, they drill holes in wood, walls, and other hard surfaces. They also fasten screws and fasteners to surfaces. As the name implies, a cordless drill is a power drill that does not require the use of a cord.
Drill holes in walls, build furniture, and do woodworking using a cordless drill driver. You can even build a deck and undertake home renovation projects like kitchen remodeling if you choose a top quality Cordless Power Drill with the right power.

20V Cordless Drill - (6 months warranty)

*American plug-in/European plug-in
*Torque force: 28Nm
*No-load speed: 0-450/0-1450rpm 
*Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion
*chuck size: 1.0-10mm  
*Max in wood: 30mm                            
*Max in steel: 10mm             
*Charge time: 1hour
*2Pc batteries - 2000mAh 
*1Pc charger
*1Pc 65mm screwdriver bit

Best quality Cordless Drill 20 V under Harden Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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