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Electric drill machine 450 W Harden Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China

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أفضل مثقاب كهربائي في الكويت
A drill is a tool that is typically used to make round holes or drive screws. It has a chuck that secures a bit, either a drill or a driver, depending on the use. A hammer function is available on several powered drills.
Drills differ in terms of speed, power, and size. They are often corded, electrically powered gadgets that may also be used by hand.
Woodworking, metalworking, construction, machine tool fabrication, construction, and utility applications all require drills.

450W Electric Drill 
*CE approved
*Rated power:450W

*No-load speed: 0-3300rpm
*chuck size: 0.8-10mm
*Max in wood: 15mm
*Max in steel:10mm

Best quality Electric drill machine 450 W under Harden Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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