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Industrial Folding hand Riveter Wokin Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China

8.000 KD

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This foldable hand rivet is a convenient tool for driving rivets. It is also known as a pneumatic hammer since it functions similarly to a hammer. The hammer in the rivet forces the work and the rivet against the bucking bar with its energy. The rivet's tail is squeezed and work-hardened as a result.
> Aluminium alloy body
> Innovation of patented structure design, labor saving more than 40%
> Delicate shape ergonomic handle
> Maximum working stroke: 9mm
> Suitable for aluminium rivets, steel rivets, stainless steel rivets;
> Applicable rivet: 2.4mm(3/32″), 3.2mm(1/8″) , 4mm(5/32″), 4.8mm(3/16″), 6.4mm(1/4″)

Best quality Folding hand Riveter for industrial use under Wokin Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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