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Industrial F-clamp Wokin Brand - BAS Kuwait

Made in China

3.500 KD

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An F-clamp is a type of clamp that is also known as a bar clamp or a speed clamp. It gets its name from its "F" shape. The F-clamp is comparable to the C-clamp in terms of functionality, but it has a larger opening capacity (throat). This tool is used in carpentry to hold pieces together for welding or bolting while more permanent attachments are created with screws or glue, or in metalworking to hold pieces together.

An F-clamp is made up of two horizontal bars that are linked by a vertical bar. The lower bar has a large screw that allows the clamp to be tightened. Because F-clamps are adjustable, they can be utilized on bigger scale objects without requiring a large screw.
> Nickel plated bar, Black finished thread bar
> Two-component plastic handle

Sizes available - 120x300mm, 120x500mm. 

Best quality F-clamp for Industrial use under Wokin Brand supplier in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

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