Self Drilling Screws taiwan (SDS) - BAS Kuwait

Made in Taiwan

2.250 KD

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Self Drilling Screws work as both a drill bit and a fastener. Self-Drilling Screws do not need a pilot hole because of the drill bit end. They work quite well at fastening thin pieces of metal together and were designed for exactly this reason. Customers use these when doing frame work on their cars, or attaching sheet metal to a metal frame.

The following SDS screws are available-

Truss head zinc, Hex Washer Head zinc (HWH zinc), zinc, black, pan framing zinc, pan framing black.

best quality SDS screws supplier in shuwaikh, kuwait.

We also have a stock of the following screws available for sale –

Wood screws

Self-tapping screws

Chipboard screws

Kirby screws

Drywall screws

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